magbo system

New Release Highlights

Just pushed new releases for PiLR EMA and PiLR Health. Highlighted features are:

  • Multi-Language support for PiLR EMA and for the content builder functions for PiLR Health. It is now possible to create assessments in languages other than English. If the participant has set a language preference other than English, and the content is rendered in that language, the phone will use the participants preferred language for the assessment content.
  • Support in PiLR Health for assigning participants to devices in groups. With the other group functions it is now possible for all participant configuration functions to be done in groups.
  • Improvements to the geo-fencing algorithms in PiLR EMA. We implemented a custom library for the Android environment to get the desired level of reliability.
  • Improvements in the date range and numeric filtering features of the Dataviewer.
  • Made it possible for teams to change the logo on the mobile app splash page and the text on the header line.

Added a Projects Page to the Web-site

While this web-site is recent, we have years of experience helping research teams. The Projects page contains a representative example of information about successfully completed (and published) studies using our tools.