PiLR Health Technical Support Topics

Detailed Coverage of Key System Features

PiLR Health System and the PiLR EMA Mobile Application Overview

PiLR Health is a cloud based system designed to make it possible for a researcher to manage projects that collect event based longitudinal information from study participants.

PiLR EMA is a real-time data collection system, that can collect objective data from the sensors in the phone, and forward that data to PiLR Health.

See the PiLR Eco-System in Action

This 2 part video shows a custom survey rendered on the PiLR EMA mobile app, and then uses PiLR Health to view the survey data.

A survey in 10 minutes?

Adding and Managing Participants in PiLR Health

Get an introduction to the tools that make it simple and easy to manage populations of study participants. This video demonstrates how to add a group of participants and get them ready to use the PiLR EMA mobile app.

Viewing and Managing Study Data

Learn how to view the collected study data, either for individuals or groups. In addition, learn how to create filtered views that can be downloaded.

Creating a Custom Assessment

PiLR Health provides a survey or assessment editing tool that will allow you to create your own assessment(s). The editing tool also provides tools for controlling when assessments are presented to study participants. The PiLR EMA will implement the assessments and rules created on PiLR Health.

Understanding Triggers

Triggers allow you to present survey’s to participants based on time and date, location, or activity level. This video demonstrates how to create an activity trigger using the EMA Builder within PiLR Health.

PiLR Health Planning Presentation

Review this presentation to understand how to get the most out of the PiLR Health system. The presentation discusses the relationship between Periods, Epochs, EMA Configurations, and Instrument Settings.

PiLRHealth and PiLR EMA have support for branching and piping within surveys. Review this presentation to get a detailed review of these features and how to use them.

Branching and Piping for Surveys

PiLR Health Datasets and Their Use

This presentation gives an overview of the datasets that house the information collected from participants. PiLR Health and PiLR EMA combine to collect and present ecological and behavioral data, in addition to the direct survey information being sampled.