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Welcome to our new site. We have made enough additions to our product suite (PiLR Health, PiLR EMA) that we decided it was time to relaunch the site. If you are interested in learning more go here. If it has been a while, PiLR Health is our cloud hosted site for managing studies, interfacing with 3rd party sensors, and setting up and creating content for our mobile application, called PiLR EMA. Our mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes store and from the Android Playstore. These are fully functional content driven applications that are designed to allow you to create and deliver custom content to study participants. PiLR Health acts as a collection point, and can be used to manage, process, and analyze the collected data.

The standard applications do quite a bit. However, we also work with research teams to meet their unique needs. In these settings you get the benefit of starting with the standard apps, and customizing them, as opposed to having to build from scratch. In both cases, our investments mean you can access the latest in mobile technology at a fraction of the cost associated with building your own.

Interested in talking to us, click here.

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