PiLR Health Product Features

Tools for Configuring Studies

PiLR Health provides a rich set of tools for configuring studies.

  • PiLR Health was designed by researchers for researchers, so the system can accomodate real world study designs (like a cross-over study, or a dual cohort control and treatment design)
  • Utilize mobile sensors and smartphones to gather information from study participants while staying within IRB guidelines for privacy and security
  • Develop and automate sophisticated study data collection protocols that can be managed by the system which reduces researcher workloads during the active data collection period
  • Manage research team member priveledges

Tools for Creating Custom Study Content

The PiLR Health EMA Builder page makes it possible for research teams to:

  • Create custom content to be delivered to study participants
    • Participants can receive instructions about what to do, including links to web sites or media
    • Study teams can create surveys to collect subjective information from participants
      • Surveys can include media types like photographs and sound
      • It is possible to change participant navigation through surveys by using branching rules
      • Survey questions can made required
      • More than 1 survey can be active at a time
  • PiLR Health uses triggers to control when surveys are offered to participants
    • Surveys can be initiated based on time and date, participant location, participant activity level, and completion of a previous activity
    • Conditions can be applied to these events making it possible to control the number of times an event can occur within a day, or a custom time period
    • Thresholds can be set for an activity — an example would be presenting a survey if a participant was walking for 75% of any 30 minute period
    • Multiple conditions can be applied for a single trigger, so it is possible to get very specific about the conditions under which a survey can be presented
    • Triggers can run in the background, and notify the participant when a condition is met
  • New rules and content can be sent while the study is active
  • PiLR Health supports pre-defined study periods in which the programmed content can change

Tools for Managing Ongoing Studies

The PiLR Health Project Dashboard page makes it possible for research teams to:

  • Manage study participants
    • Participants can be added automatically from files
    • Key participant settings (like their schedule, or the group they are assigned to) can be done in groups
    • Simple dashboards make it possible to see how active participants are
  • Review study data as it is collected
    • If PiLR EMA is used as the mobile application, data will be forwarded to PiLR Health in real-time
    • PiLR Health provides a DataViewer feature that allows the research team to select, sort, and filter data. Data can be viewed by study participant, study group, or for all participants
    • The filtered view can be downloaded in several common formats (CSV, Excel, or PDF)
    • The study datasets can be directly accessed from an R environment via a published data api.