PiLR EMA Mobile App Features

PiLR EMA Product Features

PiLR EMA is a mobile app that is available in the Apple iTunes and the Android Playstore.  It is written by the same team that built PiLR Health, and is designed with the experience gained from 4 years of custom applications built to meet the needs of researchers.  PiLR EMA is:

  • Programmed to render content created in the PiLR Health EMA Builder
    • Content can be a simple or complex survey
    • Content can be rules for translating sensor activity into counts, or activity types (walking, running)
    • Content can be rules for when to present a survey to a participant
  • Runs in background and foreground modes.  In background mode PiLR EMA can implement complex rules to determine when to present a study participant with a survey
  • PiLR EMA can access the phone sensors, so it is capable of evaluating rules that use GPS location, activity levels, time and date.
  • Sensor data can be collected as part of a study protocol
  • PiLR EMA can run and collect data even when there is no network connection
  • The mobile app is capable of caching data and forwarding it when a network connection is available (wifi or cellular networks)
  • The mobile app can act as a point of presence or collaborator for a bluetooth enabled sensor
  • The mobile app can accept new rules from PiLR Health, so the participants experience can change while the study is active